Strategy Group for Houston World’s Fair Recommends 2025 Bid

Houston World’s Fair Inc. has set its sights on 2025. The strategy and planning teams behind the effort have determined that 2025 is a more favorable year to host an International Exposition in our great city.

Years of research, planning, and development by a multitude of local and international organizations support the fact that International Expositions must return to American soil. The Houston committee worked closely with other cities interested in hosting a World's Fair with great success and camaraderie. All the cities reached out to their respective local governments and jointly approached the federal government to show them the amazing value that a World's Fair could bring to our communities and our country.

The good news is that we all succeeded at the local level. In Houston, we not only secured the official support of Mayor Parker, but we were part of the Texas delegation to the Shanghai World's Fair in which the governor and many of our senior leaders saw first hand the impact of an Expo.

Federal legislation was introduced in partnership with the International Relations committee and the Bay Area team. This bill can reactivate the membership of the US in the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE) and position us as a leading candidate for the 2025 Fair.

Houston is moving forward with a head start to 2025.

Houston World's Fair Inc, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, has been going strong for over three years and our teams have laid a solid foundation for a successful bid. The organization has partenred with architecture and urban development team to evaluate numerous sites within Houston that can host the event with lasting economic and cultural benefits.

The organizaiton has also reached out internationally, and has received positive feedback from the BIE for our efforts as well as many prominent city, state, and federal leaders.

The city of Houston has long been at the forefront of innovation and progress. From energy and technology to education and healthcare, Houston has proven itself to be a world leader and the ideal host to a modern World’s Fair. Our city has garnered high-level support and international interest for it’s innovation and global prestige. Civic and business leaders throughout the community stand behind this effort to feature our city on the international stage, and our research and planning shows that Houston is the prime location for the next American World’s Fair.

To do this, we will continue with our regional and international activity on all fronts. This includes redoubling our efforts to push for US membership in the BIE along with the pursuit of financial support from global business leaders and volunteer support from Houston’s diverse and passionate community.

We encourage and appreciate your continued support. This effort has just begun, so please continue to explore and share Houston World’s Fair. The work we are seeing in this community is relevant, inspiring, and undeniable proof that Houston is the ideal location to host the greatest World’s Fair in history.

So, we'll keep on working hard towards the most extraordinary event of our lifetimes: the Houston 2025 Expo. Stay in touch, we’re just getting started!





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